The Moringa Experience

Understanding Moringa
To appreciate moringa fully, you’ve got to understand it well. Moringa usage is not complex, so it’s quite easy to get your head around the basics. Once you do, you’ll enjoy very single part of the tree.

In every scoop of processed Moringa Oleifera from FrolicMoringa, there are three key characteristics that create its overall flavour: aroma, acidity and body.


Organically processed Moringa has only one aromatic compound that contribute to its profile. A naturally processed moringa aroma can be earthy, and nothing else.


When it comes to organically processed moringa, acidity isn’t what you think it is. It’s mild taste, a tingling on the tongue. Good acidity tastes bright and crisp, whereas a dried Moringa without its natural acidity tastes dull.

The seeds of pods from the Moringa tree taste like green beans, only sweeter


Moringa Does you Good.
Not only is processed Organic Moringa delicious, it’s also packed with healthy antioxidants and nutrients. Organically processed Moringa leaves can improve memory, boost energy levels and increase mental alertness, as well as stimulating metabolism and improving physical performance